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Kanine Klips Grooming & Spa - The Ultimate Pet Pampering Experience
Grooming & Spa Services
A complete groom includes a bath, nail trim, ears cleaned and the trim or blow out of coat, depending on breed.
I also offer a wide array of spa options to truly pamper your pet.
Spa Berry Facial - Luxurious tear less face cleaner that beautifies & relaxes
Mud Treatment - Mother Natures prescription for healthy skin & coats. This deep penetrating, luxurious mixture cleans, nourishes & detoxifies the skin, also exfoliates dead skin cells and soothes itchy skin.
Hot Oil Wrap - Nourishes, hydrates and deep conditions the skin and coat.
Paw Soak & Cleansing - Deep cleans & sanitizes paws, helps fight fungus & bacteria with natural olive leaf & natural seaweed extract moisturizes dry paws.
We also offer aromatherapy shampoos to soothe the senses.
Kava Kava - calms the spirit with a relaxing combination of armoise oil. cinnamon, sandalwood and stress relieving kava kava extract
Lavender Magic - relaxes and soothes with an aromatic blend of lavender, chamomile & sweet peas entwined with violets and roses.
Purchase separately or upgrade to a spa groom, which includes a facial, paw soak, aromatherapy shampoo and your choice of a mud treatment OR hot oil wrap.
I also offer:
 Temporary hair color
 Booty bling
 Stencils, which are fun for the holidays
 'Paw'dicure's - includes a paw soak, nail grinding and polish
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