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How much do you charge?
I can give an estimate over the phone, but until I see and groom your pet, I can't quote a true price. This is due to the fact that no two dogs are alike even if they are the same breed. I consider the size of the pet, coat condition, frequency of grooming, disposition of animal and overall time involved grooming the pet.
Every pet is unique and every pet owner needs to be aware of this. A Shih Tzu that comes in every 4-6 weeks for grooming and has no tangles or mats is going to cost less than a Shih Tzu that has not been in for 4-6 months and is matted clear to the skin and would be very time consuming and painful for the dog to be brushed out. With this dog it would be less painful for the dog to simply clip the dog all the way down and start over. I do try to keep my prices fair and at the same time provide quality service and use high quality products and equipment.
Do you bathe the dog first?
Yes, in order to get an even haircut the hair needs to be clean and conditioned. Most of the time the dog is washed and dried completely before starting the haircut. If the dog is extremely matted and needs to be shaved down, that is done first then bathed and dried and haircut is completed.
How long does it take?
 I prefer to have a couple of hours, sometimes it doesn't take quite that long but sometimes the phone rings quite a bit or other customers are coming in and out and I need a little more time. Also longer coated breeds, double coated breeds or dogs that are matted but are brushable take longer. I bathe, dry then cut the hair, I also clean the ears and cut the nails, it is more time consuming then you just going to get the top of your head cut, I am doing the entire body of your pet. I don't liked to be rushed because then I can't give your pet the quality time they deserve to be pampered. Generally if you need your dog done at a certain time, Example,  your lunch break, I can usually do that. But if you are just waiting at home it is nice not to be rushed and I will call as soon as your pet is done so they can go home. Due to the smallness of my new shop I do have two check in times that I hope can fit into your schedule and that way the dogs are not sitting in my salon all day.
Why do you need me to pick up my dog right away?
Again, the way I run my shop and the limited kennel space, I count on dogs coming in at an appointed time and being picked up in a timely manner. It is my pleasure to keep your dog longer than necessary, but please try and let me know when you book your appointment so I can schedule accordingly. Also I am  not a doggie day care.
Can you groom my dog to breed standard?
Yes I can, but many clients do not want the level of maintenance required of a breed standard length. So many do a shorter version of breed standard, which looks just as nice just easier to maintain. Clients are also welcome to bring in pictures they have and we can discuss if I can achieve that look on your pet.
Can you do a puppy cut?
I can try. A puppy cut means many things to different people. It is a loosely descriptive term that means the hair is cut to the same length all over and the length can be as long or as short as the client prefers.
Can I stay with my dog & watch?
You can, but I don't encourage it. Usually if your dog can see you he will want to be with you and that can result in a dangerous situation. I am working with very sharp tools and try to keep the dogs calm, but if the owner is there the dog tends to jump around to try and get to you instead of listening to the groomer. This could lead to the dog getting cut.
Is it too cold to have my dog groomed?
Many pet owners neglect to have their pets groomed in the winter. Why? Mostly they say "it's too cold, they will freeze outside". Not grooming the coat can lead to matting of the hair. If the mats are too bad then the dog has to be shaved down close to the skin to get rid of the mats because trying to brush these mats out, it is painful to the dog. The best thing is to continue regular grooming throughout the year and in the colder months to keep the hair a bit on the longer side but still maintained. Even if you don't want to cut the hair it is still recommended to bring your dog in for a bath and brush out to avoid mats.
Can you shave down my double coated dog?
Many owners of double coated breeds, ie goldens, collies, shepherds etc, think because it is hot out the best thing to do is shave off the coat. This is not the case, these dogs have two coats, the undercoat which is fine, fluffy fur that keeps the dog warm in the winter and a top coat which is made up of guard hairs that is generally a weather-resistant coat that protects the finer undercoat from the rain or snow. The undercoat insulates the dog by trapping body heat generated by the dog. This heavier coat is shed in the spring and they grow a lighter summer coat in its place. When winter rolls around they shed the summer coat and regrow the heavier winter coat. The best thing to do is, two - three times a year,  bring these dogs in to the groomer so I can help shed out the coat, which will help keep the shedding down and make the dog cooler. Shaving these breeds down WILL NOT eliminate shedding, they will still shed, the hair will just be shorter. Dogs also regulate their body temperature by panting, this cools the mouth and tongue, along with the blood which is circulated through the head, keeping the body temp at a safe and normal level.
Also shaving the double coat may cause problems such as:
 * loss of hair regrowth,
* the coat not growing back in the same texture and/or color prior to shaved, * bald patches, where the hair doesn't grow back at all, 
* sunburn because they no longer have the guard hairs to protect them,
* loss of guard coat, where only the undercoat grows back
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