Kanine Klips Grooming & Spa - The Ultimate Pet Pampering Experience
Behind the Scenes
I'm sure many owners are curious about how their pets spend their time at the salon. Here is a step by step outline of their experience.
First I prep the dog which includes getting the nails trimmed and the ears cleaned. The dog is also given a sanitary trim (trimming of the underbelly and private areas). At this time I also check the coat condition and the possibility of fleas. This determines which shampoo will be used. 
getting nails polished

The next step is bathing. I only use premium, all natural dog shampoo and conditioners, no harsh additives or chemicals. Your dog is bathed in warm water with a gentle spray, while standing on a elevated rack to keep them out of the dirty water as it goes down the drain.
The next step is the drying and brush out. The dog must be 100% dry and free of mats and tangles to get a good groom. I use either a high velocity dryer or a hand dryer, depending on which the dog prefers. Some dogs, mostly the bigger double coated breeds, sit under a box fan to dry. Each dog is brushed out to remove tangles, mats that are too close to the skin are either clipped out or removed with thinning shears. The coat needs to be clean, dry and tangle free in order to move the clippers through the hair. For badly matted dogs where the mats are all over the body and too close to the skin to be comfortably brushed out, I take a shorter blade to get under the mats and completely shave the dog down so his hair can then grow back out and hopefully then be maintained in a longer mat free trim.
The final step is the haircut. each breed and personal client preference means that no two cuts are exactly the same. Each dog can be groomed to breed standard or a shorter variation of the standard or to the clients expectations of what they would like their pet to look like. Pictures are welcome.
After the haircut each dog gets a bow on their collar and a spritz of cologne. They can also now receive some booty bling or color if the client so wishes to have a little fun.
On the double coated breeds, such as huskies, golden's etc. we use a high velocity dryer and blow out the undercoat that the dog is shedding, trim up their feet and any feathering they may have.
De Matting
Keeping the best interest of your dog in mind, if your dog comes in with severely matted or knotted hair, your dog will be shaved down. If the dog has minimal matting the dog will be brushed out.
Kanine Klips will not be held responsible for what might be uncovered on a badly neglected coat. We recommend regular grooming be done every 4 - 8 weeks depending on the breed and coat length. Owners can pre-book their dogs next appointment before leaving the salon. Pre-booking also guarantees that you get your appointment when you want it, especially during the Holidays and during busy seasons like summer. I recommend calling 2-3 weeks before you would like your pets hair groomed if you don't like to prebook.


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